29 Jan 2012

Britax Marathon 70

The Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat is by far the best baby carrier out on the market. If you do your research, and check all the reviews online. You will see that there are a lot of people that share this same opinion. Click on Britax Marathon 70 to read my full in depth […]

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27 Jan 2012

Checklist of items to pack for your due date at the hospital.

Delivering a baby is one of the hardest things a mother will go through in her lifetime. The last thing you will want to worry about, is whether you packed something or not. Take the time and read this list, and make sure you have these items packed a couple weeks before your expected delivery […]

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10 Jan 2012

What is a car seat base?

I was asking myself the same question the first time my wife started telling me we needed one. Turns out it is one of the best baby product purchases I have made since becoming a father. With traditional car seats you have to weave in the seat belt into the car seat every time you […]

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5 Jan 2012

Why Get A Convertible Car Seat? What Factors To Consider?

A convertible car seat can be a great asset to your baby.  They are designed so that they can be used for a number of years of use.  They first are made to handle the early ages of babies as they offer a rear facing position.  This helps provide the necessary extra protection for young […]

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