Strollers and Joggers

Strollers are an essential product that any new parents should get to help with their baby.  They are great for helping transport a baby to the car, around town, and elsewhere.  They also provide an easy way to show off the newborn to others without requiring the mother to hold the baby the whole time.

Now, there are essentially two types of strollers: traditional strollers and jogging strollers.  In the past, the only option that was available to parents was a traditional stroller.  This is the one that most are familiar with in that it has a 4 wheel design and can be used in a variety of settings where concrete and pavement are present.

However, beginning in the 1980s, there was a creation of another option in the stroller niche.  This new product was jogging strollers.  These strollers were made to help allow people the ability to go for a jog or run with their baby.  The initial ones were big and bulky but served this purpose.  Over time, these jogging strollers have evolved to be far more practical and useful.  Now, you can find options that will well as a jogging stroller but also function well as a regular every day stroller.    Here, we list a number of our favorite kinds of strollers.  We will list options in both styles so parents can best decide which option is ideal for them.

The first stroller we have listed above is an example of a jogging stroller.  This one uses 3 wheels and has a lockable/unlockable front wheel.  When this front wheel is unlocked, it makes it very easy to navigate sharp turns in tight spaces with this and the 3 wheel design.  This makes it a perfect option for the grocery store or other retail store.  However, it also works great for jogs or runs because when the front wheel is locked, this one functions great at gliding along without interfering with the normal running stride of people.  Plus, the handle can be adjusted to accommodate parents who have differing heights.  We are very impressed with this particular stroller and if you would like to see our full review on it, click on the following link:

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