Making sure your baby is getting a proper diet is very important, and is instrumental in their development later on in life. After all, the nutrients you are putting in their body will be the building blocks to help immunity, and foster strong muscle growth. There is still a growing debate, about which method is preferred, so check out the arguments and decide for yourself. Whether you decide to go strictly breastfeeding, or use formula, there will be some accessories you will definitely need.


Why would someone want a breast pump? This is a very good question, and there are numerous different reasons. For many mothers they have to go back to work after pregnancy, and it is important to keep the breast milk flowing, or they can run the risk of drying up their breast milk supply. Also, with a breast pump, you can store up breast milk and bottle it for future uses. Eventually you will want to have a nice dinner with your husband, and the last thing you want to do is be rushed out of the restaurant, because of a hungry crying baby. Also, some mothers might like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, after having to wait nine plus months since being pregnant.


With breast pumps you first need to decide whether you want to go with a manual pump or an electric pump. Most people prefer the electric pump because of the ease of use, but price can be an issue with some. Essentially the pumps allow you to bottle up any extra breast milk, and store it for future uses. It may cost a little money up front, but will ultimately save you way more money in the long run! I would also recommend getting some extra feeding bottles, and also the Boppy Bare Naked Pillow. The Boppy
Pillow is a cushion, that allows you to support your young infants head, and neck without making it totally uncomfortable for the parents. Click on the links to see what others are saying.

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