Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib Review

Best Convertible Crib: Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib

Davinci Kalani Crib PicWhen I learned that I was expecting, I was thrilled by the news!  One reason for this is I would now get to start planning the baby room and was going to begin with the crib.  However, what started out like great fun quickly became frustrating as I was overwhelmed by all the different product choices, colors, designs, etc.  Even after I did a lot of research on the Internet and talked with other friends, it quickly became apparent that I would need to try a different approach.

What I decided on was to look for cribs that met the features that I knew I wanted.  For me, these features were that the crib must look great, be affordable, be durable and sturdy in design and be something my husband could put together without starting a fight.  Once I did this, it became very clear which option would be the best for me.  It was the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib.  Here, is how it stacked up to my criteria:

Great Style With Beautiful Wood

One of the first things that impressed me and other customers is that the Davinci cribs have a beautiful look and feel to the wood.  They are made from New Zealand Pine Wood which looks very attractive as it is durable to the feel.  However, I also came away impressed that customers had their choice of 5 different colors for the finish.  This was great news for me as it allowed me to be able to choose exactly the right option for my baby’s room.  I chose the color espresso and really like the look of it although I have heard that other customers have been impressed with the other color as well.  Regardless of the color you choose, you can expect family and friends to be impressed with the beautiful color

I was also impressed with the style and design of the crib.  It is clear the Davinci Kalani cribs put an emphasis on style as this crib looks great whether it is left as a crib or built out into a full sized bed.

Affordable Price

Like many families, I was hoping to find an affordable crib for my new one.  I was scared away by the high cost of some high end cribs that could cost over $1000.  This is why I was impressed and amazed to find such a great looking crib for a fraction of the cost.  I was able to find the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib for under $300.  This was great to hear especially when I considered all the value these cribs offer.

Durability and Sturdy Design

Davinci Kalani cribs are also noted for having first class engineering design.  This was important to me because I wanted a product that I knew was durable and sturdy.  I was happy to see many customers were raving about this crib’s durability and sturdiness.  What I found was that the product is made with 100% wood from New Zealand Pine Wood.  The product does not have particle board, MDF, or engineered wood products.  This is important because it means the product is stronger and also more environmentally safe.  Some of these other items can often be potential environmental issues because of the chemicals used in their creation.  I am happy to report that my own experience with the Davinci cribs is that they are very sturdy and durable.

In addition, I was happy to see that a number of customers commented on was the longer term durability of the product.  One example of this is the ability for the product to be unassembled and reassembled if needed to do so due to a move.  This is attractive to customers who find that they will have make a move or two over the years as the move to a new home.  In fact, many people see this as a product that has heirloom quality to it because of its durability and stability.

A third benefit of these cribs is that they are lightweight and easy to move.  This is important as it helps make it easier to vacuum and clean under.  It also has gliders which some customers have noted do not scratch their hardwood.  This should help set some people’s minds at ease about that issue.

Relatively Easy To Put Together

Most people seem to be able to complete the assembly in 1 or 2 hours.  My husband was able to complete the process in under an hour and did not have a meltdown.  He said the directions were straight forward and offered step-by-step directions.  Some people have commented if you can handle IKEA® instructions, these should be much easier in comparison.  If you would like to see a copy of the instructions manual, you can view it by clicking on the following link: Davinci Kalani Crib Instruction Manual.  Please keep in mind, it may take a few minutes for the instruction manual to upload because it is a pdf file.

As you can see, the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib did a very good job of fitting my criteria which is why I decided to buy it.  If you would like to learn more about the product or to go ahead and buy it on Amazon, you can do so now by clicking on the following link: Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib.


Other Important Features

Davinci Kalani Crib PhotoIn my research, I also learned that the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib has a number of other great features that other customers may be interested in.  Here, I take a look at a number of them:

4 Level Mattress Spring System

One of the things that surprises new parents is how quickly children can grow.  This is usually most recognized with clothes, but children’s furniture also deals with this issue.  Davinci cribs are great in this area because they offer a 4 level mattress spring system.  This system is designed so that it can be adjusted as your child grows.  This allows you to get more use out of the crib and also get more bang for your buck as you avoid having to make an additional furniture purchase down the line.

Another nice benefit of this system is that it is relatively easy to adjust the different levels to find just the right level for your child.  This means you can adjust the mattress size as needed and do it rather quickly.

Toddler Rail Included

This is an excellent addition to this product that most parents will want to know about.  This feature allows one to turn the crib into a playpen.  The toddler rail helps keep the child protected by keeping them in the Davinci Kalani crib.  This provides piece of mind to parents who worry about a toddler getting outside of this area and putting themselves into potential danger.  This feature allows the parents to rest easier when they are not in the same room as the child as the rail helps protect the child.

This rail is also pretty straight forward to assemble.  The product provides step-by-step instructions on its assembly so customers should have little difficulty putting it together.  Customers will appreciate that the toddler rail comes included with the purchase of the crib as this is often not included with other similar type cribs and can costs $80 to $200 dollars.

Made From New Zealand Pine Wood

The Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib is made from New Zealand Pine Wood.  This is a very popular wood that is noted for its beauty and durability.  It will provide a very stable product for your child and be something that can last for a good number of years.  For a soft wood, New Zealand Pine wood has unique properties that make it amenable to manipulation of preservative treatment processes.  This means the wood is environmentally acceptable and provides a reliable standard of treatment for customers.  The result is a very solid material to use to create Davinci cribs and one that customers can be proud of supporting.

5 Different Color Finish Options

The Davinci Kalani crib offers customers a beautifully made crib that can be accented with their choice of 5 different color finishes.  These color choices include: Cherry, Ebony, Espresso, Honey Oak, and White.  Depending on what plans you have for the baby’s room, these color choices are all popular because of their ability to fit in well with a number of different color schemes.

Product Safety Tested

The Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Cribis also product safety tested.  It is JPMA certified.  This group, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, has a certification process that is used to determine the safety of cribs.  On their website, they state: “The safest place for an infant or child is in a fully functional, properly assembled, JPMA certified: crib…” Source: http://cribsafety.jpma.org/.

The actual certification process requires companies to renew each year and each product model must be tested at least once a year.  JPMA also does random retail level testing where they buy the product at the retail level and test its performance.  This helps ensure more accurate testing results.  The fact that Davinci Kalani cribs have been able to continue to pass this testing is a sure sign of the company’s quality of these products and their emphasis on safety.

This product also meets and exceeds the Federal Safety Regulations for children’s furniture.  This shows another level of support by the company to ensure that Davinci cribs are safe for children.

Environmentally Safe

Customers will be happy to know the cribs are lead and phthalate free.  This reduces any fears that parents may have over their children biting the wood and being exposed to lead as can be an issue with some other less environmentally friendly children’s furniture.  Instead, the Davinci Kalani cribs have a non toxic finish.

Also, the wood used is New Zealand Pine Wood that is processed with strict environmental standards for processing and treatment.

Ability To Expand To Full Sized Bed

Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Cribs ImageOne of the nicer features of the Davinci Kalani Convertible baby Crib is that it can also be converted into a full size bed.  This is a nice benefit to have as it allows customers get more out of this product as their child grows older.  To take advantage of this feature, customers only need to purchase some additional m4799 rails.  We recommend that customers take advantage of this option to help ensure they get the most out of this wonderful product.  Children grow up very quickly where the need for a full size bed will be necessary in just a few years.  If you would like to purchase the conversion rails now, you can do so at this link: m4799 rails.


Mattress Springs Over Slats or MDF Panels

The Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Cribuses mattress springs over slats or MDF panels.  This is important because mattress springs offer more support.  In contrast, slats can be a challenge to support and MDF panels can slide around creating other problems.  Therefore, many customers prefer the mattress springs that Davinci cribs offer.


What Others Are Saying?

This crib has received rave reviews from most customers on the Internet and has been given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com.

Here, are some snippets of customer comments about the Davinci Kalani crib:

“This is a great product. It is built from very high quality pine, and is extremely sturdy. Assembly was straight-forward…Our baby moves around quite a bit during sleep, and this crib does not move one bit…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

Actual Customer On Amazon.com   

“This crib is beautiful and sturdy. Easy to build and easy to use…Moving the mattress height is pretty easy too, I just did it… in a matter of minutes.”

Actual Customer On Amazon.com   

“I have purchased this Crib twice now. Once five years ago for my oldest… and again this year for my youngest…I loved the crib then and am still loving it now…Amazon did a wonderful job shipping the crib…The instructions are really very simple. 45 minutes was all it took…This is really a wonderful crib for the price.”

Actual Customer On Amazon.com   

“I L-O-V-E this crib! I’m a first time mom and had been doing research on the ‘perfect’ crib since we had found out at 3 weeks along…my Husband and I ‘settled’ on the Kalani in Espresso. I saw it had high reviews…The directions were easy to follow (even with preggo brain)… I would highly recommend this crib…It’s beautiful, sturdy and looks like it will last through all of our babies…a great buy!!!”

Actual Customer On Amazon.com   

“I searched high & low for a good quality crib at a reasonable price….I found this one. I am so glad that I did. The quality is excellent, well worth the money…I know this crib will last for years to come. I recommend it to anyone.”

Actual Customer On Amazon.com   

Any Complaints?

Davinci Crib PictureOne concern that some customers have expressed is that the wood can show scratches and indentions more easily than some more expensive, hardwood options.  Here, we provide some tips on how to reduce the risk of this issue.  A great number of customers have been able to reduce the risk of scratches by simply taking a little more care during the assembly steps.  Taking a little extra time when putting together the pieces can go a long way here.

A second recommendation from customers is to consider getting a protective cover for when your child reaches the biting (teething) age as this will reduce the risk of bite marks on the rail.  This teething age can begin as early as 2 months of age but is most often begun around the 5th to 7th month.  To address this issue, you can buy a teething rail cover.  These cost under $20 and do a great job of protecting the wood from bite marks.  Here, is a link to a popular one: teething rail cover.



Where Can I Buy The Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib?

With all these great features, it is easy to see why many people love this crib.  From my experience and research, I have found the best place to buy is from Amazon.  They currently offer free shipping and when comparing them with other online websites, their prices seem to be the best when considering the free shipping.

If you would like to learn more about this crib or to buy it from Amazon, click on the following link: Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib.


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