8 Jun 2012

Fussy Baby or Colic?

Bringing my baby home and enjoying each precious moment with her was something I always dreamed of.  What I didn’t dream of was the crying spells that lasted hours.  I didn’t know if this amount of crying was normal, she was sick, or I was doing something wrong. I read various books and websites on […]

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6 Jun 2012

Are Fireworks Too Loud for Babies?

Fireworks are always a crowd favorite and enjoyed on many holidays.  I love to sit in the park on July 4th and watch the fireworks show that has been orchestrated to old patriotic songs.  I am planning on taking our baby girl to the big firework show this summer to continue the tradition I loved growing up.  However, I wanted to make sure it was safe […]

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5 Jun 2012

Babies and Swimming Pools

I live in Texas and summer lasts about 10 months out of the year.  When the summer peaks it can get past 105 degrees.  Swimming in our pool is a great escape from the heat and is almost mandatory in Texas. When it came time for the first swim of the year I wanted to […]

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4 Jun 2012

Timeline for Car Seats

Rear facing, forward facing and booster car seats My baby seemed very bored in the car and was always trying to turn around and look at what was going on in the front of the car.  She seemed ready to make the switch from rear facing to a forward facing car seat.  I had heard […]

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25 May 2012

My Secret Brisket Recipe

Feeding a large family can become quite the overbearing task, and also become very expensive. I only have a husband and baby girl, but my husband has quite the appetite and can eat for two people usually. Lucky for me, I have the perfect recipe for brisket that can produce over 10 mouth watering servings […]

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