9 Aug 2012

Surviving a Two-Year-Old

Having a child is a huge blessing in anyone’s life.  There are many different stages in childhood, starting with the baby stage.  As you move from that stage into the toddler stage, you might hit what many people call “the terrible twos.”  This stage can indeed be terrible at times, but you can also make […]

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8 Aug 2012

How to Entertain a Six Month Old

When you have a new baby, you may find him easy to entertain.  After all, newborns live to eat, sleep, and snuggle.  Once that new baby grows up a little while, the sleeping aspect goes way down and you may wonder what you are supposed to do all day with this little human being who […]

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6 Aug 2012

Top Activities to do with a Baby

One of the biggest challenges facing new mothers is finding activities to fill up their 12-14 hour day. While your day will largely be driven by nap times, feeding times and your personal household chores, it is critical that you get out of the house for part of the day to not only exposure your […]

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4 Aug 2012

Sleeping Tips for Babies

One of the biggest challenges facing most parents is getting their baby to sleep not only through the night, but during the day, throughout their first year of life. In a perfect scenario, baby would sleep soundly for 12 hours per night plus 2-4 hours per day during nap time. However, for many parents, this […]

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1 Aug 2012

Boy or Girl? That is the question?

“Are you having a boy or a girl”?  The fun first question everyone asks when they find out your pregnant.  With the follow up question, “What do you want to have?”  Just like every expectant mom, I wanted to have a healthy and happy baby. I would have felt blessed to have a boy or […]

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