Car Seats

Car seats are a necessary product that many parents need to get for their cars.  The law requires that babies be put in car seats, but most people will want to do it simply to provide greater protection for their baby.  Customers will find that they basically have two options with regard to car seats.

The first option is where you would buy a number of car seats over increasing size as your child grows.  This is the traditional method and can require a large number of car seats depending on how quickly the child grows.

The second option is the use of a convertible car seat.  These car seats are designed to be adjusted as they baby grows.  They allow a lot more flexibility in that they can be used until the weight capacity is passed which is 50 pounds in many regular units and up to 70 or 80 pounds in other units.  These car seats tend to be cheaper compared with the cost of buying all those other car seats.  However, how good each convertible car seat is will vary based on the manufacturer.  All these car seats are put through significant safety testing by the federal government and also some independent groups like Consumer Reports.  Here, we take a look at a number of the better convertible car seats as we feel they offer the best value to customers.

The convertible car seat we have listed above is our favorite option of the convertible car seats.  This one is made by Britax which is well thought of by customers and has an excellent rating on customer safety reports.  One reason for this is that the company is a European company that is used to much more stringent child safety testing in the UK.  However, this is a benefit to customers here as they reap the rewards of all this rigorous testing.  Another nice feature about this one is that the five point harness does not require rethreading which is a big benefit over other options.  Now, to read our full review of this great product, click on the following link:

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