Baby Trend Jogger Travel System Review

Best Baby Trend Jogger Travel System Review

Baby Trend Jogger Travel System PhotoWhen I got pregnant one of the things I dreaded was not being able to be as physically active as I was before.  I really missed not getting to play volleyball and workout and was looking for a way to get some more physical activity after the pregnancy.  The challenge for me was that I also did not want to leave my baby.  The solution for me was to get a baby jogging travel system.  These systems have become very popular in recent years as more and more people find themselves in a similar situation.

After I did a lot of research in this area, I realized that there were a few factors that stood out to me.  These factors included how well the jogger stroller performed, did it have a value price, how helpful was it for traveling purposes, and was it versatile enough to be used for regular or daily use purposes.  What I discovered is that the best option on the market for all these factors was the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System.  Here, is how it stacked up to the different factors:

Performance Of Jogger Stroller

It was important to me to have a travel system that offered a high quality jogger stroller.  This was important because I wanted something that could allow me to jug and run with the baby and get me back into shape after the pregnancy.  I found that the Baby Trend Jogger Stroller was very effective at doing this.  The reason is that it offers a sturdy 3 wheel system that has great suspension and offers the ability to be able to make sharp turns.  Even better is that it comes with an easy to reach handle that makes it easy to guide the jogging stroller as I run or jog.  The result is a very smooth ride that is easy for me to control and not bumpy to my little one.  This is great because it is less likely that the ride will wake her.

Value Price

A second factor that was important to me was the cost.  I did not want to break the bank on this purchase and was very discouraged by the high prices of some high end travel systems as the jogger strollers can easily reach $400 or $500 by themselves.  This is one reason why I was very excited to see that the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System could be had for under $200.  This is a great deal when you consider how it performs compared to these other higher end jogging strollers in reviews.

Helpfulness For Traveling

Another factor that was important to me was to get a baby travel system that would work well for traveling.  I needed something that would be easy to use whether I was taking the stroller to the park for a run or for longer distance trips.  What I discovered is that the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System is made for travel.  The Jogger Stroller can be folded up to fit inside the back of your vehicle where even the rear tires can be taken off if needed.  Plus, the jogger stroller can be effectively checked in through gate check ins at the airport.

Also, the children’s car seat is very easy to get in and out of the car.  This is great because you won’t have to spend a lot of time fiddling with it and can instead get in and out without much hassle.  I am also not alone in my opinion on its performance in this area because it is currently rated as the #5th best travel system and the highest rated travel system that has a jogger.

Versatility For Daily or Regular Use

A fourth factor that was important to me was the ability to also use the jogger stroller for regular use.  After all, having a jogging stroller is great but I always wanted to be sure that I could use it in supermarkets and elsewhere.  I still remember the big jogging strollers from years ago and wanted to stay far away from those.  What I found is that the Baby Trend Jogging Stroller was very different from those past versions because it has smaller wheels and has a front wheel that can be unlocked.  This makes for it to fit in well at all kinds of settings where those previous jogging strollers could not go.  This stroller also can easily fit in through any door way making it easier to get in and out of any building or home.  Plus, it still has the benefit of shock absorption because of its inflated tires which helps out in all kinds of situations.  I am able to more easily go over curbs and medians and also do far better in going over gravel parking lots or even grass fields than a regular stroller.

Add all these factors up and you can start to see why I like the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System.  If you have read enough and would like to find out where you can get it at the best price with free shipping, click on the following link: Baby Trend Jogger Travel System.

Jogging Stroller Features

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller PhotoLockable Front Swivel Wheel

The lockable front swivel wheel is what allows the Baby Trend Jogging Stroller to work effectively for jogging or running with the wheel locked and also work at navigating the aisles of the grocery store with the wheel unlocked.  The ability to choose what you want makes the value of this stroller skyrocket as you don’t need another stroller for regular use.  By simply unlocking the front wheel, you greatly increase your maneuverability and since it has 3 wheels instead of 4, it is already designed for sharper turns.


This may not be something that you normally think of but you will be glad you have them when the need arises.  These reflectors help provide some added visibility to you as you run or jog whether it be early in the morning or after dark or simply in a poorly lit area.  Considering that you will be jogging or walking with your baby, it provides extra peace of mind knowing that the reflectors could help alert cars and others to your presence.

Parent Tray With Two Cup Holders And Covered Compartment Storage

Many people will want their jogger to be able to hold a few extra items whether it be a water bottle, chap stick, mp3 player, baby formula, diapers, etc.  The addition of a two cup holder and a covered compartment storage space allows you to have a spot to store these extra items and is setup to not negatively impact your jogging motion or control of the jogger.

Lightweight Steel Frame Construction

The Baby Trend Jogging Stroller uses a lightweight steel frame construction.  This is important because it provides stability and durability to the whole unit but also is lightweight so as to not be too heavy to where it would be hard to put the stroller in your car after use.

All Terrain Bicycle Tires

The air inflated bicycle tires are very helpful for allowing you to navigate places that regular strollers could not go or perform well in.  The tires offer some shock absorption too which helps make a smoother ride that is not bumpy for your baby.  This means it is less likely to wake them over uneven terrain.

Adjustable Canopy

This feature is important to help safeguard your child against wind, sun, rain, and other elements as you jog.  However, what sets this option apart from other models is that the sun guard is not attached to the back of unit.  Instead, it can be adjusted which allows you to better follow the path of the sun and do a better job of keeping the sun out of your child’s eyes regardless of which way you to decide to take your run or walk.

Multi Position Reclining Seat

Just as it is important to be able to shield the sun, it is also important to properly adjust the seat of the baby.  This can help them from getting discomfort on the walk or run and allow you to enjoy your workout more.

5 Point Safety Harness and Tether Strap

The jogging stroller also comes with a 5 point safety harness that is designed to distribute the force over the five strongest parts of their body in the event of a crash or abrupt stop.  Also, the tether strap works to help slow down forward rotation in the event of a collision.

Infant Car Seat Features

Baby Trend Travel System PhotoFixed Back Infant Car Seat

The infant car seat offers a fixed back.  This is especially for infants to help provide them greater stability during a drive.

EX Flex-Loc Base

This is the feature that helps make it easy for you to get in and out of the vehicle with the car seat.  The base of the car set is left in the vehicle while you can remove the car seat by clicking on the release button.  The Flex-Loc operates by allowing you to get a more secure fit on the latch straps.

Foam Padded Handle

The handle is especially made a triangular shape to make it easier to carry.  This allows you to be able to handle the car seat while carrying it from many different angles.  You will also discover that the handle is ergonomically shaped which is a benefit because car seats are bulky and difficult to carry in general.  Of course, this particular option is lighter than most portable car seats too.

Latch System

The infant car seat uses a quick release latch system which makes it easy to transfer the car to the stroller or to put the car seat into the car.  This is important for many customers as they don’t want to have to spend a lot of time getting in and out of their vehicle.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

The Baby Trend Jogging Stroller can be used with children up to 50 pounds weight or roughly a couple of years of use.  However, the car seat is made for the infancy period and a little longer as it has a weight limit of 22 pounds.  This will require you to get an additional bigger car seat once your child exceeds this weight limit.

What Others Are Saying?

The Baby Trend Jogger Travel System is a popular product with customers.  It currently is getting 4 out of 5 stars on and is one of the top selling travel systems.  Here, we take a look at some snippets of comments made about this great product:

“My Daughter loves this system. The car seat is adjustable…The stroller is incredibly durable and a smooth ride…The stroller is kind of large… but the back tires do pop off so that helps…”

Actual Customer From

“…It’s easy to transfer car seat from car to stroller with latch system. The stroller has nice big wheels, great suspension and maneuvers well. It folds down easily… took the stroller with us to Europe. Gate checking the stroller was a cinch…”

Actual Customer From

“Absolutely love this product. The car seat is easy to use…harness/straps are very easy to adjust…handle is ergonomic…But what I love the most is the stroller. This thing is so smooth, and turns on a dime! I use the stroller everywhere…My diaper bag hangs perfectly on the back of the stroller and is not in the way…”

Actual Customer From

“I am extremely happy with my purchase… how happy I am with how easy it is to maneuver and how much I love it…Some people have said that this stroller is bulk…But while we were looking for travel systems this was by far the least bulky… wheels allow for easy pushing on a variety of terrain…fits through doorways easily…I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a travel system…”

Actual Customer From

“…we went through several strollers. My husband and I like to be active, and most strollers on the market don’t do well off-road. They get stuck in gravel parking lots or can’t handle the uneven terrain of a field…This stroller has large wheels to handle the rough-and-tumble world outside of paved sidewalks…I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know who’s expecting.”

Actual Customer From


Where Can You Buy The Baby Trend Jogger Travel System?

You can buy the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System from Amazon.  This product is currently offered with free shipping and from we have been able to determine offers the best deal when compared to other online retailers.  Click here to view this product on Amazon.


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