How to Entertain a Six Month Old

When you have a new baby, you may find him easy to entertain.  After all, newborns live to eat, sleep, and snuggle.  Once that new baby grows up a little while, the sleeping aspect goes way down and you may wonder what you are supposed to do all day with this little human being who cannot yet really talk or play on his own.  Once your baby stays away for more hours in the day, you will have plenty of time to experiment.  Keep in mind that toys are wonderful for older kids, but when it comes to a 6-month-old, they are mostly overrated.  Use some of the following ideas to entertain your child through this stage.

Utilize Plastic Bags
We all know that plastic bags come with warning labels.  You are not to leave a child alone with them because they could suffocate, eat them, or do all sorts of other things.  But that does not mean that the plastic bag is not a great deal of fun when you are with your child at all times.  Try sitting the 6-month-old in his high chair and throwing the plastic bag up into the air.  Let it float to the ground and then do it again.  The noise, the action, and the color of the bag could captivate your baby’s attention.  It might even make him laugh.  To get a guaranteed giggle, hit the bag back up into the air once it gets close to the ground.

New Uses for Old Wipe Boxes
With a baby around the house, one thing you always have present are wipes.  You use them for diaper incidents but you might also use them to wipe her hands or face when they are dirty.  Once you empty a box of wipes, do not throw it away.  The wipe box might just become a favorite toy.  Most of the little wipe boxes have small doors that open and close.  By the age of 6 months, a baby can manipulate the box in order to make that happen.  This can be fascinating.  The box can also be a drum or a place where you can hide toys and make them reappear again.

You likely do not want your child ripping up magazines that you have not yet read so it is best to keep them out of sight.  But what about that stack of magazines that you are finished with and have not yet thrown into recycling?  They can lead to hours of entertainment for any 6-month-old as long as you do not mind a little mess.  Let your child inspect the pages with his sticky fingers.  He might rip them, ball them up, turn them, or just enjoy the noise they make when he shakes them around.

Tissue Paper
When you have a new baby, you have plenty of tissue paper laying around the house from the the presents.  Balling the tissue paper up and then flattening it out can be great fun.  The first rustle may get a delightful reaction from your baby.  Shaking it in her face might get even more.

Once you have played with all of the little toys in the house, try a few of the random household items to entertain your 6-month-old.  You might find that they work even better!

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