Top Activities to do with a Baby

One of the biggest challenges facing new mothers is finding activities to fill up their 12-14 hour day. While your day will largely be driven by nap times, feeding times and your personal household chores, it is critical that you get out of the house for part of the day to not only exposure your little one to new things, but for you to maintain a positive mental state. In an effort to bond with your baby and mingle with other mothers, consider trying some of the activities outlined below.


  1. Take a daily stroll outside. Not only is this great exercise for you, most babies enjoy the outdoors. Just 15 to 20 minutes per day can do wonders for you both.
  2. Drop a picnic blanket out in the grass, under a shade tree, and let your baby enjoy the sights, smells and noises offered outdoors. You can start doing this as early as 6 weeks of age.
  3. Enroll in local classes offered for mommy and baby. By performing a quick online search, you will find a variety of class options in your area. Gyms, music class, mom and yoga exercise groups and general support meetings are some of the options commonly available. Simply find classes near you that enroll babies within the proper age range. They are great for meeting other local mommies, and your baby will gain important socialization exposure during each class.
  4. Consider joining your church’s mommy group. Most congregations offer play groups or even a mother’s day out type of program. Not only are these great activities for you and baby, they are often offered at no-charge, which is certainly an added bonus.
  5. Visit your local pools or water parks. You will find that many local pools now offer specific areas dedicated for baby and toddler. Typically just a few inches in depth, your baby can enjoy the water as soon as they can sit up. Or, if they are younger, or in the crawling stage, get in the pool with them and wade them around. Most babies love the water and the exercise is an added bonus for mom.
  6. Find out if your local museums offer mommy mingle type events. Many provide monthly or quarterly events for mothers and their tots at no- cost with museum admission. Check to see if your local children’s museum offers specific areas for little ones. You will be surprised to find that many major museums have dedicated tot areas for children 3 and younger, offering a safe environment for your little one to learn and explore.


In addition to the above activity ideas, be sure to check your local paper, online sites and to ask other mothers for ideas on what you can spend time doing together with your baby. Get out of the house, get moving and enjoy every minute you can with your little one. This time is precious and will fly by in a blink of an eye.

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