Boy or Girl? That is the question?

“Are you having a boy or a girl”?  The fun first question everyone asks when they find out your pregnant.  With the follow up question, “What do you want to have?”  Just like every expectant mom, I wanted to have a healthy and happy baby. I would have felt blessed to have a boy or girl, but I would always linger a little too long in the baby girl isle at the store.

My husband and I said from day one we thought we were having a boy. He is one of five boys, and we just didn’t believe that a baby girl was possible. We expected to go to my appointment and have our thoughts confirmed.


Imagine our shock when the technician said “you’re having a girl”.  I even asked her to double check, we were so confident it was a boy.   We were both very happy and couldn’t wait to tell the unexpected news to our family and friends. We didn’t have a party or send out cute pictures online. We just made dozens of phone calls and sent text messages.


Looking back on the experience I wish we found out the surprising news in a different way.  Lying exposed in the doctor’s office with the ultra-sound technician rubbing my belly was not the ideal way to celebrate the moment.  I think it would have been fun to find out the news with our family and friends or in a more intimate setting.


Finding out the Sex

With our second child we decided we were going to make the moment special and find out the sex in a different way.  I had my doctor write the sex of our baby on the ultrasound picture and seal it in an envelope.  She even made sure that I couldn’t cheat and see the results by holding it up to the light.  We dropped our daughter off at the grandparent’s house and headed out on a special date night.  We never went out to eat with just the two of us, so this in itself was a big deal.


During our dinner I joked with my husband that he would have all girls, since he grew up with all boys.  Kind of like a twist of fate or life reversal.  I think this thought terrified him a little bit.  Unlike our first child, we both expected to see the words “girl” on the picture.

When desert came we opened the envelope and saw “boy”.  The look on my husband’s face was priceless.  We were surprised just like the first time and we couldn’t wait to find a cute way to share the news with our friends and family.


Below are some memorable and cute ideas I found when searching for my own way to share.


Sharing the Big News!


 Social Network Sharing


Photos on Facebook and other social networks are a very popular and free trend. I love reading the positive and loving comments and sharing the news with one easy click of the mouse.


Pictures with siblings wearing shirts announcing the news are cute and easy.  But if this is your first baby you can include any fur-babies you have by including the pets in the fun.  For example, they can also wear the “big brother” or “big sister” shirts or have a chalkboard announcing their new play buddy.


Another cute idea is to incorporate your hobbies into your picture.  You can have a small baby jersey with the year of birth on the back and last name.  Or a favorite college team onesie with the caption “Future fan coming soon”.


If baby is due around a holiday, it is fun to use props in the picture.  You can take a picture of your stocking hung with a baby stocking added on the end.  Pumpkins also make a fun prop with something cute carved on the outside like, “Our little pumpkin is arriving in October”.  Jessica Simpson announced her news around Halloween by dressing up like a mummy and embracing her bump.


Gender Reveal Parties


Reveal parties are becoming trendy and it’s a fun way to get the news out to everyone all at once.  On the television show, Gulianna and Bill, they hosted a revel party and had a lot of cute ways to get the guests involved in the fun.  Their invitation, cake and revel box said “Blue or Pink, What Do You Think”. When the guests arrived they had to pick out a pink or blue party favor to indicate what their guess was. Then the couple lifted the lid to the revel box and the blue balloons flew out.  Afterwards, they cut into the cake to show the blue colored cake and celebrated with all of their loved ones.


The balloons were a good and inexpensive idea and made for amazing photographs.  You can use the balloons like they did at a party, or holding them in a photo to send to friends and family.  This is also a good prop during professional maternity pictures.  I like the Mayflower Balloons.  You can get it for a boy or girl and even if you don’t use it for the reveal, they are good for showers, hospital visits, first day home, or attached to gifts.


Another fun party favor is the, It’s a BOY Classic Birth Announcement Bubble Gum Cigar, from Amazon.  It comes with a pack of 36 and we loved giving them out and celebrating.  We ended up ordering another box and bringing them to the hospital to give to visitors and hospital staff after the delivery.

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