Truth About Abs Review

My post pregnancy body was not what I had imagined it would be like. I was so out of shape, and simple tasks were becoming very difficult to complete. I often found myself getting winded just moving around the house doing chores. I knew I needed to make some serious changes if I ever wanted to wear a bikini again, so I decided to check out The Truth About Abs Ebook. My husbands friend had just used this program and he had great results from it. Below, is what I discovered from using this program.

What is it?

The Truth About Abs Program is a best seller and was designed by the Fitness and Nutrition Guru Mike Geary. This E-Book shows you how to get six pack abs without any of the following:

  • Harmful fat burning pills that can lead to long term effects
  • Back straining exercises like sit ups or crunches
  • Gimmicky Ab belts and other devices


How does the program work?

This program is different from conventional workout regimens, because it doesn’t stress the traditional diets and exercises. Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs Program has a very effective way of building muscle and burning body fat without the need for pills or supplements.

This ebook is a great guide and shows you everything you need to do to trim the waist line and lose fat. If you are not a workout fanatic like me, don’t worry. They show you how to do all the exercises step by step, and also guide you through exactly what you should be eating, and what to stay away from. Both of these are crucial pieces to the puzzle if you want to have washboard abs.

What you will learn

  • What foods to avoid that are detrimental to losing weight
  • Proper Ab exercises that won’t strain the back
  • How to approach your cardio workouts
  • Foods that will actually help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism

The Truth About Abs Program is the ultimate guide to getting 6 packs Abs, and it guides you through everything you need to know in order to get back those glory days. This ebook is divided into two main sections: Diet and Exercise.



This section of the book is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. You can work out 2 hours a day, but if you eat the wrong foods you will have nothing to show for your hard work. It really opened up my eyes to what I was eating wrong, and showed me all of the right foods to be eating. I had been eating foods for years that I thought were good for me, when in fact they were doing more harm than good. There are some very handy charts included, and they do a great job of displaying all of the nutritional values of food.


The other section of the book goes over all of the proper exercises needed to get a firm set of six pack abs. These aren’t your tradition crunches and sit ups from the 1950’s. Mike Geary shows you step by step how to do each of his revolutionary exercise moves. The great thing about these exercises, is that they are designed to eliminate the stress on the back from sit ups, and leg lifts. I was very pleased with the effectiveness of the workouts, and it was very easy on my lower back.


How to get The Truth About About Abs Program

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the official website where you will be able to view a free video presentation. They have videos for both men and women available. You will want to make sure you have speakers connected and turned on for the presentation. Please be patient, the video is about 12 minutes long, but it has some really great info, and there will be some bonuses at the end if you wait for it to finish playing. This guide is in Ebook format, and you will be able to start reading instantly once you download it.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Video Presentation

Risk Free Guarantee

This guide to six pack abs has a 60 day guarantee, which gives the buyer a tremendous opportunity to try out the product risk free. But trust me, if you get the same kind of results that me and my friend started receiving after a couple weeks, you will be very happy with your purchase and you will be keeping it for the long haul.


Truth about Abs Cons

The only negative thing I did not like about the program, was that it is in Ebook format and I prefer a physical book in my hands when I am reading. The bright side of it being in digital format was that I was able to start reading it instantly once I downloaded it. I guess it’s about time I get with the times and start using these E-readers anyways.


Truth About Abs Pros

I had played several sports growing up, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about working out. This book was a big eye opener and taught me things about diet and nutrition I had no idea about. It also cleared up several myths and preconceived notions that I had in my head about certain foods that I actually though were good for me.

Most importantly, this book guided me on my way to a flat stomach and provided visible results in less than two weeks. I had great success with this program and would highly recommend The Truth About Six Pack Abs to any male or female trying to get back their six pack abs. Click on the link below to visit the official website, and view the free 12 minute video presentation. (Remember to turn your sound up, and make sure and wait till the end for any special offers.) Also, If you don’t want to watch the entire video, you can click on the link at the bottom of the page under special bonus offer. Just scroll to the bottom of that page, and there will be a checkout option there.

Special Bonus Offer

Make sure and check out The Fat Burning Kitchen. This program is also from The Truth About Abs makers and has some great information on nutrition and all the proper foods you should be eating. Click on the following link, and you can get Both The Fat Burning Kitchen, and Truth About Abs for only $49.95!


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