Summer Activities for Babies

I’m a school teacher and I count down for summer every year.  I was especially excited this year, because it was my first summer with my baby.  She was walking and very interactive and I wanted fun activities to give her a great summer.  I decided to make a list of all the fun things to do with your baby. Here are five easy ways that we kept it fun, affordable and stayed cool.

 Local Activities

I live in a large city, so we have a lot of great resources for entertainment.   Our mall periodically hosts puppet shows, children’s theater and has a toddler play area.  The science museum has a children’s section that has a miniature farm, sand/archeology dig, bubble wands, and an outdoor play area.  The aquarium and zoo are always enjoyable and we can practice animal sounds and names throughout the day. Local organizations usually hold carnivals and musical events throughout the summer as well.

Trails, Parks and Public Pools

There are trails and parks throughout most cities and this is a free way to have summer fun.  We live near a trail and we started taking evening walks on the trail that lead to a park.  We would bring bread and our little girl would toss it to the ducks.  This was a fun family ritual and a great way to unwind from the day.  There are also public pools that usually include kiddie pools or sprinkler parks.

Baby Sprinkler

Our baby is walking and loves the water but we don’t have a swimming pool.  I found the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler as a great alternative.  Once it is hooked up to the sprinkler, the water bursts out of the bouquet of cute flowers.  It was fun to watch her amazement and play in the sprays of water.  This is a good choice for toddlers and babies that are not old enough for the larger water sprinkler attachments, that spin the water at higher pressures. This has a cute design, is safe for babies and affordable.

Baby Pools

Baby pools are a safe and inexpensive way to have fun and cool down. The Ocean Play Center is an inflatable pool with all the bells and whistles.  It has two different water areas; one for shallow wadding and a deeper pool.  There is also a slide, ring toss, water toys and sprayer.  This is easy to inflate and drain the water but with the cute design and palm tree I didn’t mind leaving it inflated.

Indoor Fun

A s much as we love being outside, sometimes the intense heat would make it impossible.  I found the Soft Play Forms that helped transform the living room into a little gym.  My baby loves to crawl, climb and roll on the foam pieces.  It is safe, colorful and allows for different configurations for fun climbing at play time. This is an affordable play set under $200 but some models are over $1000.  Not only was the price right but it has 5 pieces, which didn’t take up as much space the larger options.

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