Penny Stock Egghead Review

What is a Penny Stock?

A Penny Stock is technically any stock that is sold for less $5. Many people like to invest in these types of stocks, because they can buy a lot more shares of stock than they would get if they were buying regular stocks. This gives the opportunity for a huge reward, but also leaves the stockholder vulnerable to big losses as well. Timing is everything with penny stocks, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will be putting your investment at a huge risk. If you are new to these types of stocks, I would highly recommend checking out the Penny Stock Egghead Newsletter.


Penny Stock Egghead Newsletter

This newsletter is the ultimate guide to picking the right penny stocks. Unlike other trading programs where you need to make hundreds of trades a week to squeak out a tiny profit. (I’ve tried these, and it is exhausting staring at the computer screen all day.)The Penny Stock Egg Head program only does 1 trade a week. This program reaps huge returns on investment, and the owner has been able to convert $1000 into 5.7 million dollars using these techniques! I was skeptical at first, but I tried it out and I was able to make some very good money using this newsletter. The membership cost is a onetime fee, and you get access to the weekly picks for life.

How Do They Make Their Picks?

Penny Stock EggHead was created by the math whiz Nathan Gold, hence the name “egghead”. He is an accomplished mathematician, and has used his talents to make millions in the stock market. He uses a very complicated algorithm that he has developed, and selects only one stock each week from thousands of potential investments. By focusing on just one stock, his newsletter list is able to get the stock early on, before the price skyrockets after the word gets out. Click on the banner above to see some of the incredible results from his past picks.


My Penny Stock Egghead Review

I am a new mother with another baby on the way, and expenses were starting to pile up. So I started looking for any way to make some extra cash. I knew quite a bit about stocks, and I decided to invest my money there. The only problem was, I only had a start-up fund of about $2,000 to work with, and this would only get me a handful of stocks at Apple. I knew the penny stock route would be the best way to go, but I also knew it was a win big, lose big type of investment. I decided I needed a little guidance, and after doing hours of research, I decided The Penny stock Egghead program would give me the biggest return on investment. The program cost was $97 which seemed pretty reasonable, considering you get the weekly newsletter and picks for life. Also, they have a 60 day guarantee if you decide you don’t was to continue the program, but I’m sure you won’t be going that route after you see how much money you will make.


My Results

I don’t want to list any of the stocks that I used, but I can share with you how I profited. With my initial investment of $1,900, I was able to turn a profit of 76%, and turned it into $3,344 within two weeks. With my next trade, the very next week I profited 63% bringing my total to $5,450. The following week was pretty stagnant, but the very next week is when the magic happened. The pick during that time period skyrocketed 92% and brought my budget to a staggering $10,465! Ever since, my total has been growing and I now work comfortably from home. I would definitely recommend the Penny Stock Egghead newsletter to anyone looking to make some easy money, and change their lives. Click on the link below to visit the official website, and read some Penny Stock Egghead Reviews.

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