iSatelliteLink Review

How I found iSatelliteLink.

It was about six months ago and I was checking the mail just like I normally do. I opened up the envelope for my cable bill and I was shocked too see how much they had overcharged me. I furiously contacted their customer care department, but I had no luck getting the charges reduced. I decided enough was enough, and I started looking for alternatives. The Dish companies were just as expensive as cable, and basic TV did not have the channels I wanted to watch. I was having trouble finding a solution until, I stumbled upon this amazing software called iSatellitelink.

What is it?

iSatellitelink is one of my greatest finds of 2012. This software is for your computer or laptop (PC only), and allows you to stream over 3600 HD quality TV channels right to your computer! With the simple addition of a HDMI cable, you can stream this footage right to your flat screen TV. The best thing of all, is that it is only a one time fee for the service. With this software, you can cancel your monthly cable bill, and stream the channels right to your big screen. This sounded like a pretty sweet deal, so I decided to do shell out the one time fee and test it out. Here is what I found out…


My iSatellitelink Review

At first I was hesitant to buy, this package seemed way too good to be true, but after downloading the program I have been blown away! I was paying over a $100 a month for these same channels that I get for free now. My husband even gets all of his sports channels, and also gets access to all of the televised NFL, NBA, or Soccer matches. The picture quality is crystal clear, the purchase even came with a DVR program, so I can record shows when I am not at home. I have been very pleased so far, and I would highly recommend this software to anyone wanting to trim their monthly cable bill.


What is the Price?

Currently, isatellitelink is being offered at three different price points. One license is $39.99, two for $44.99, or three for $49.99. When I purchased mine, I went in with a friend, so we both ended up only paying $25 a piece. This was only a one time fee, so we have never payed a dime again. There is also a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, if you want to test it out and see if you like it. I also believe you can get a discount on I satellitelink if you try and back out of the webpage. A operator should contact you in a chat box and offer a discount. They did mention this was a limited time offer when I was there, so it may not be available when you check it out.


What is Included?

With the purchase of the software, not only do you get the iSatelliteLink software, but you will also receive 3 extras.

Stream Downloader: This extra is basically a DVR service for your computer, and will allow you to record any TV shows or movies right to your computers hardware. This is pretty cool because, it holds a lot more video than my DVR from my cable company ever did.

All in One Media Converter: The media converter will allow you to convert any movies or footage to a video format that your mobile device can handle. This is great for watching movies on your iPad or Cellphone during an airplane flight.

Gold Membership to Movies Capital: This is the best bonus of all! You get a free one year membership to the website Movies This website is just like Netflix, and will allow you to not only watch the latest movies on your computer, but will also let you download them to your hard drive! Not, bad considering they are just throwing it in for free!


The Verdict?

iSatelliteLink is a great buy, and a must have for anyone tired of paying those ridiculous monthly TV bills! I give my certified stamp of approval on this product. I been showing this iSatelliteLink to my friends and family ever since I laid my hands on it. Click on the link above to visit their website and find out more information.


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