My Secret Brisket Recipe

Feeding a large family can become quite the overbearing task, and also become very expensive. I only have a husband and baby girl, but my husband has quite the appetite and can eat for two people usually. Lucky for me, I have the perfect recipe for brisket that can produce over 10 mouth watering servings and is almost effortless to cook.




First thing you will need to do, is get all of your ingredients. These are the mandatory items for this recipe, you can get additional items as well, but this is what I use for mine.

  • Dutch oven for cooking the roast in the oven
  • Claudes Brisket Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Brisket Rub (Optional)
  • 1 Large Brisket

Getting Started


What I like to do, is put salt and pepper on the brisket the night before I am going to cook it. I use a generous amount, and really try and pack it into the meat. This allows all of the flavors to soak in over night. I have also used brisket rubs in the past and they taste great as well, but I tend to just stick with salt and pepper because I love the Claudes Brisket Sauce flavor so much!


Once you have let the brisket sit over night, you will want to begin cooking it in the oven. This cut will take 12 to 14 hours to cook, so plan accordingly. I like to start it in the morning, so it will be ready by dinner time. You will want to place the brisket in the dutch oven, and pour in an entire bottle of Claudes  Brisket Sauce. This sauce has liquid smoke which gives it a juicy smokey flavor, and makes it taste like it has been slow cooked all night. You will want to set the oven to 225 degrees and begin cooking it for 12 to 14 hours. When you have about 4 hours left cooking, you can add some chopped up carrots or potatoes to the  mix for cooking.


After about 14 hours, remove the brisket and let it sit, cool down, and then serve. WARNING, this brisket is super tender and will fall apart with touch of a fork. It can also be very addictive and bad for your diet! :) I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do, and please pass it on to any of your friends! This will provide over 10 large servings, so enjoy all the wonderful leftovers!



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