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Parenting can be extremely expensive. New parents will spend on average around $7,000 in the first years of their babies life. That is a whole lot of cash, and it can really add up if you have multiple kids. For my first baby, I ordered everything off of Amazon and it really helped save a lot of money. If you compare the same items at the grocery store or Target with the same product on Amazon, you will be shocked at the price difference. Not to mention, they will ship it to your door for free. You will save on average, $5 on diapers, wipes and formula at


Babies will go through around 10 diapers a day, and can suck down an entire container of formula in a week. This can really add up and amount to some great savings over time if you shop at the right place. I recently discovered Amazon Moms which is a free membership to sign up for. This membership will give you special access to exclusive baby deals, and will give you 20% off all wipes and diapers! Now that I have another baby on the way to go with my nine month old, I am going to take advantage of this great program. If you are interested, click on the Amazon Moms picture to find out more.

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