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My daughter was just about to turn nine months old, and she was crawling around every single place she could find in the house. Heck for that matter, she was finding every where to crawl in the back yard too! The only problem with her crawling around inside, was that the carpet¬† hadn’t been deep cleaned in well over a year. It was kind of scary and gross to go up close and see all the filth built up in the carpet. I decided to add another item to my husbands honey due list, and find a way to get the carpet clean.


Lucky for me, my husband had earned money growing up, by doing all sorts of chores at the neighbor’s houses. One of those neighbors owned a steam cleaner, and they would have him shampoo the carpets once a month growing up for some extra spending cash. My husband seemed to be quite the expert and knew exactly what to look for. We then decided that we needed to get a steam vac so the carpet wouldn’t get that bad in the future, and we could do routine cleanings. We like to normally do all of our shopping on Amazon, because of the cheap prices, and free shipping. We started looking at all the different models, and the Hoover SteamVac stood out among the competition. My father also owned this model, and said great things about it. The Hoover SteamVac has a ridiculous amount of customer reviews, and had excellent ratings. I believe it had something like 2400 customer reviews! The price was pretty good too, and cost us right around $140. We got free shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime, just don’t forget to cancel the renewal after you receive your order, or they will start to bill you a monthly fee. Also, don’t forget to order some extra steam cleaner solution if you plan on doing a big job. It came with a small bottle, that had enough solution for my 1,600 square foot house, but if you have a bigger house you may need more.


It took about 3 days to get the steam cleaner shipped, and I was overly anxious to crack open the box and get everything going. Of course by saying me, I mean standing over my husband and watching him do it :). The assembly did not take my husband long, and all the directions were simple enough to fit on one page. The only tool he needed was a Phillips head screwdriver, and he has everything together in 10 minutes. We quickly vacuumed the area and moved everything out of the way. Growing up, my families steam cleaner would hook up to the faucet for hot water. This unit was nice because you just had to fill up the portable tank, which made it a lot easier to move around the house where there wasn’t a faucet near by. The tank that collects all of the gross gunk will probably need to be emptied out for each room depending on how thorough of a job you do. Also make sure and clean this tank out completely after your fully complete with your job to keep from collecting mold.


The Hoover SteamVac was pretty easy to operate. All you need to do is push the steamvac forward and press the button to shoot out the cleaner. Then you will want to slowly go in reverse over the spot you just sprayed, and suck up all of the moisture. There is a handy surge button you can press for really messy jobs, and there is also an attachable hose to get those hard to reach spots. It is also a good idea to open any windows and doors, and turn on any fans you have to help dry out the area afterwards. This steam cleaner did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable do it yourself cleaning option. Whenever we purchased our Hoover Amazon had the cheapest price. Click below to go to their website.

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