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Satellite Direct Review: I normally post about baby products, but I had to let every know about the Satellite Direct Software. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made, and it made my hospital stay during my delivery so much more enjoyable! This software collects over 3,500 TV feeds from around the globe, and aggregates everything together in one easy to use package. The software is only a one time fee of $49.99, and you never have to pay a dime again! It will stream everything instantly to your PC or Mac computer.


I used the Satellite Direct software during my hospital stay, and it kept me thoroughly entertained, despite having to stay a whole extra day :(. Satellite Direct has all my favorite channels like: E!, Lifetime, & HBO. There are also several feeds for each channel, so if you get the occasional laggy connection, you can just select another feed and you are good to go.There are several movie channels available, and you can get access to any televised sporting event. My husband spent $350 dollars last year for the Sunday Ticket package that shows all of the NFL games. With Satellite Direct we are not paying that fee this year, and he still gets access to all the games :)!

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Alternative To Netflix
Since the hospital stay, I have now been using a HDMI cable connected to my laptop, and I can now stream to my big screen TV, and I have been able to cancel my cable service. This alone has saved me over $100 a month in bills, and I have way more channels than I ever did before. I even get the premium channels now! Me and my husband have both been very pleased with the quality of service. I would highly suggest taking a look at their website below, and checking out Satellite Direct. This is one of the best buys I have ever made and has saved me a ton of money! Click below to find out more information on Satellite Direct.

SatelliteDirectSpecs and Features

  • Compatible For Mac and PC
  • One Time Fee $49.99 or ($29.99 With Discount)
  • Auto Channel Updates
  • 60 Day Return Policy
  • 3,500 Channels
  • 24/7 Unlimited Access
  • No Hardware or Bandwidth Limits


  • One Time Fee
  • Great Value
  • Compatible For Mac and PC
  • Auto Channel Updates
  • Several Feed For All Major Stations
  • Almost All Sporting Events
  • You Can Take It With You Anywhere
  • 60 Money Back Guarantee With Click Bank Or Pay Pal
  • Discount Available



  • Only 800 US channels
  • Some Channels Can Be Laggy Depending on Station
  • Cable TV Has A Little Better Picture Quality



Here is a little tip I used. When you get to the website, back out of the page and an operator will pop up and try and keep you from leaving. If you stick around she will offer you the package for $29.99! They claim the offer is only good for a short time. Now I’m not sure if they always say that or not, but it is a pretty amazing deal for that price. Then to top it all off, you can get your money within 60 days if you change your mind. Click on the link above, and back out of the page to get the discount. :)
Satellite Direct

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