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Becoming a new parent is an amazing experience, but it can also be extremely expensive. You will want to be on the look out for baby deals to save some extra money. You will more than likely spend between $10,000 and $15,000 in the first year alone. Not to mention the added expenses every year after. Also if you have more than one child, just multiply that expense by the number of kids.


I was about to have my baby in about 3 months, and I got very serious about my financial situation. I wanted my daughter to have the luxury of picking whatever college she wanted, and to be able to go on summer vacations with the family. Since I was bringing in as much money as I could, the next best thing that I could do is to try and cut out any extra costs. This was going to be difficult with the baby coming, but I was committed to the cause. I had done some research online, and the consensus was that in order to save money with a baby, you needed to buy your supplies in bulk online. Many people had raved about Amazon’s cheap prices, and specials.


I decided to check it out and started to look up some  of the prices. I then went to the grocery store with those same items for a comparison, and they were much cheaper. Formula was almost $5 cheaper per container, as well as diapers and wipes. Since babies can go through on average 10 diapers a day, you can go through Pampers very quickly. I soon became a very loyal Amazon customer, and started buying all my baby supplies there. It saved me a considerable amount of money after my pregnancy, and i would highly recommend shopping there if you are looking for great baby deals.

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