Don’t Forget These Items For The Hospital Visit!

Must Have Items For The Hospital Visit!


Delivering your baby is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience in your lifetime. By the time everything is over, you will have gone through 9 months of grueling pregnancy. There can be so much stuff going on, it can be very difficult to be on top of everything. One thing you will want to be sure to do, is to have all your bags packed for the hospital trip. Your baby could come at anytime, any you don’t want to take any chances.

A Roll of Quarters

When you get to the hospital, you and your husband will be confined to that room for several days. You will probably get hungry and want a snack, and many of the vending machines require change. Also, at night if you need to leave the parking lot, you will most likely need some quarters for the automated toll booth to get out.

Laptop and Chargers

Since you will be stuck in the that room for several days, you will want some different ways to kill time. Laptops are a great solution for this problem, and will allow you to post those all important Facebook posts. One mistake I made was, not bringing my laptop and cell phone chargers. My husband was not too pleased when he realized he would have to make a “special” trip for me.


You will want to have all your outfits packed before hand for the hospital visit. Think about all the pictures that will be taken, and what you will want to be wearing in those pictures. Also think about what outfits you will want your newborns first pictures to be in. We brought several different outfits since we did a few different photo sessions. When you are picking your clothes, you will want to keep comfort in mind. I packed some real comfy clothes that I could lounge around in.


Most importantly of all, you don’t want to forget your camera to catch all of those precious moments. The last thing you want to be doing is to be using your cell phones crappy camera to take the picture. I invested in a nice HD video camera for about $300, and I have used it several times since. This will be a great treat for her to see when she is all grown up!

Whenever you do go into labor, make sure and be prepared. It will be a life saver, and will eliminate a lot of the stress that is involved in the process. I was properly prepared for mine, and it helped tremendously. My husband and I had 3 bags packed by the door, just in case anything happened. You will want to bring a few more items that what I have listed, but this should give you a very good starting point.

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