3 Myths About Inducing Labor

My Pregnancy was the longest 9 months of my life. I couldn’t wait to meet my baby, and also get back to being in shape. I was all set to be induced on Monday, and my husband had his vacation scheduled to start for two weeks on that day. Monday came at 6AM and we had all our bags packed and ready to go…

I called the hospital like they told me to, and I informed the lady on the phone that I was scheduled to come in for labor. She asked me to hold for a minute, and then came back and told me the unthinkable… They were all full from unexpected people coming in for labor, and we would have to schedule for the following Monday. I was crushed and upset, my husband was going to lose half of his vacation with the baby. I wanted to take matter into my own hands so I started to brainstorm, and remembered reading some urban legends about how to induce labor.

Castor Oil

This was my first move of desperation to get things going. I bought the castor oil from the local grocery store and took the recommended dosage. It was disgusting! It was a thick substance that was hard to swallow without wanting to gag. Things went normal for about 30 minutes and then I felt a rumble in my stomach. I will save the rest of the details to your imagination, but it didn’t induce labor.

Eggplant Parmesan

I had to go back to the drawing board so I decided to explore the legend of the eggplant parmesan. I had even seen online about a restaurant in Florida that is famous from people having their baby after eating their dish. I went to our local Italian restaurant, and ordered the meal. I gobbled it up almost instantly and went home waiting anxiously… Time went by and I started to realize this wasn’t going to do the trick.


I was starting to feel desperate so I made one last Hail Mary move to try and kick start this thing. I had read that if you work out, it can help loosen you up, and assist in inducing labor. I went to the local mall with my husband and we began walking laps back and forth. We must have walked 6 miles before calling it quits and heading home. I was extremely exhausted and sat at home resting and waiting… Nothing ended up happening that day or the next day, but at least I got a heck of a good workout in.


In the end, none of the three myths ever did help me induce labor. I ended up having to wait till the next Monday to have my baby. It was rough having to wait that extra week, but I am glad things turned out the way they did. My advice to future mothers, would be to just wait and let nature run its course.

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