At what age will my baby start walking?

This will be a different for each individual baby. Some babies have been known to walk as early as 7 to 8 months, and some don’t start until 14 months old. It can actually have a lot to do with genetics. If the parents started walking earlier when they were a  baby, more than likely their kids will as well. Babies with bigger legs will be able to start walking earlier, than skinnier babies.

Don’t worry if your baby does not start walking to after 12 months. It is no indication of intelligence, and some babies just like to take their time. It is also important to make sure and not rush your baby into walking. Once they start going, they can really be a handful to corral. More importantly it can be also very dangerous. If they lose their balance and fall on a hard object, it could cause a serious injury. If you are rushing your baby to walk, they will not have the proper strength in their legs to support their body. I always try and make sure my baby is surrounded by a barricade of pillows when she is playing, and always has a mat or thick blanket underneath her for padding. I try to make sure and remove her socks. These can cause her to slip very easy, and can be a real hazard.

If you want to encourage strong muscle growth in the legs, and help prepare your babies  for standing, you will want to look into getting a jumper. Jumpers help encourage babies to exercise their legs by playing music, and assisting their jumps with elastic bands. My baby has consistently been using her jumper for the last month, and she already stands up by herself with the help of one arm. She is only 7 months old, and is already ahead of the game because of the baby jumper she has been using. She uses the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, and it has really been a great purchase for us.

Moral of the story is that your baby will walk whenever they are ready to. Just make sure, and be there, to help protect them on the falls along the way. You can try using a jumper to help develop their legs, but most importantly be there to encourage them when they make that first step!

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