Important features to look for in baby jumpers

Does your baby love to jump and bounce? Most babies do, which is why baby jumpers are such a popular item. They provide good exercise for the lower half of the body, and help babies develop walking and balance skills for later on in life. When coupled with floor time to develop upper body strength and motor skills, baby jumpers can be a great addition to your arsenal of childhood development tools.

So which baby jumpers are the best for your baby?

There are several kinds of baby jumpers — those that hang from the door frame, those that are stand-alone and stationary, and those that combine walkers and jumpers (also called walkers and bouncers).

It’s most important that you know the safety guidelines regarding baby jumpers. Door models are not the safest for your baby, and close supervision is required at all times when baby jumpers that hang on the door frame are used. These baby jumpers are well-known for the enthusiastic jumper to get his or her head injured from crashing into the doorway. This is why such close supervision is required. With the other models, of course, it is necessary to supervise your baby, but you may find that some of the injuries found with doorway-hanging jumpers are simply not present with the other models. I recommend looking at the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo.

Choosing Activities

There are a variety of baby jumpers that are combined with walkers, and they can provide your baby with a diverse amount of activities for growth and development. Many of these baby jumpers are referred to as, “mobile activity centers,” and combine walkers on wheels, jumpers, and a tray full of toys and stationary activities. All you will have to do is harness the baby properly, and watch them go — they can jump, bounce, walk, or stay still and play with their toys.

Stand Alone Baby Jumpers

If you just want your baby to stay in one place (which is often much needed when you need a break and want to stay in one place), choose a stand alone model of baby jumpers. Then you can have a seat near your baby, and watch them jump and bounce and get rid of all that excess energy they’ve built up during the day.

For baby jumpers that are stand-alone, choose those with a low center of gravity, and make sure that the legs and supports are wide enough to accommodate your baby’s weight.

Weight Capacity and Safety

No matter what kind of baby jumper you choose, make sure that it fits your baby’s size and heft, and that the straps are sturdy and damage free. If the jumper becomes compromised, your baby could be in danger.

Opt for new baby jumpers over used baby jumpers for safety reasons, and always check for product safety recalls with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Because your baby is precious, choose baby jumpers that are new, safe, and full of options and activities that suit the both of you and your lifestyles. Click on this link for a full review of the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. This is one of the best jumpers out on the market right now!

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