The Rules Of Using Baby Joggers

If you’ve decided on baby joggers as the ticket to get into shape while spending time with your baby, you’ve made a wise decision! Baby joggers are great tools for those who like to speed-walk, jog, or are serious runners looking to get into shape while keeping an eye on their little one(s).

While safety and care regarding baby joggers are both important, there are also some “rules of the road” that should be taken into consideration when you take your precious cargo out for a run in the sun. These are additional “safety rules” to keep in mind for every outing for you and your baby.

· Never hang anything off the handlebar. Remember; it’s part of the balance of baby joggers. Hanging anything off the handlebars can upset the balance, causing it to flip over.

· Seat belts should always come first with your baby. As soon as he or she is properly placed in the seat, the seat belt should go on right away. If you make this a priority, it will soon become a habit, and you won’t even think twice about it. If you are still looking at joggers, make sure it has a 5 point harness system for the seat belt. Most of the good joggers, like the Baby Trend Travel System have this feature. With the 5 point harness you get maximum protection in case of an accident.

· Most baby joggers do have parking brakes, but this doesn’t mean you can set the brake and walk away. If you’re on a hill catching your breath, and you set that brake — don’t leave. If it ever got jostled or bumped, or unset itself for whatever reason, well…you’d be rather unhappy with the results.

· Fortunately, most baby joggers also come with wrist straps. When you and baby are ready to roll, put the wrist strap on and keep it on no matter what. It will help you regain control of the jogger if a situation arises.

· The wrist strap also makes it much easier to follow this rule: never leave your child or children unattended while they are in their baby joggers (or in any public place, for that matter).

· Baby joggers are meant for running at a fast pace. They are not made for roller blading. Roller blading with baby joggers can equal disaster in a hurry! You might not be able to stop properly, and you and your child can be severely injured.

· Remember that baby joggers are not indestructible. Always watch out for cars, and don’t trust drivers to see you and your baby. Baby joggers are often very well made, but they will not do well in a tangle with a car.

Never leaving your child unattended, keeping baby joggers in balance, and make sure that babies are snugly strapped are the core rules to follow from the points listed above. These rules of the road can help keep you and your baby safe and having fun while you’re doing your road work and getting into shape. If you are still looking at joggers, I recommend the Baby Trend Jogger. I use it, and it has treated me very well.


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