Tips with baby joggers

Are you interested in baby joggers, but want to make sure that they are safe for your baby? A wise decision, of course, and this is definitely something worth looking into.

The safety of your baby is a #1 priority for you, and it should be. It should also be a #1 priority for the makers of baby joggers! Safe babies are happy babies, and that goes for mothers and fathers, too. I personally have a Baby Trend Jogger, and it has been a great buy. Click on Baby Trend Travel System to read my full review. Here are some safety and care guidelines for baby joggers that will keep kids and parents healthy and happy.

While Walking or Running

There are several points to ponder when taking babies out in their baby joggers.

  • Steering: Baby joggers should always be easy to steer, and turn quickly with little effort on your part. If you need to navigate a more difficult turn, the front wheel should be easy to raise with a bit of pushing on the handlebar.
  • Attachments: Baby joggers should have a wrist strap on them, and, while in motion or using the baby joggers, you should wear that wrist strap at all times. Because these strollers are meant to be on the move, that wrist strap will help you gain control over these baby joggers so they won’t become a “runaway stroller.”
  • Nighttime operations: It’s not a good idea to use baby joggers at night, but sometimes it is a necessity. In that case, make sure they are decked out in reflective strips, both on the wheel spokes, and on and around the seat. Additionally, bicycle lights should be mounted to the handlebars for better visibility.

Care & Storage for Baby Joggers

Store baby joggers indoors to ensure the materials last longer, or cover them with tarps if they must remain outside. Not only will this preserve the appearance of your baby joggers, it will prevent cracked tires (which can be a safety hazard) and faded seats which can also wear (and potentially bother baby’s skin).

Always follow the care instructions for washing baby joggers’ seats. Typically, a machine wash on delicate with a baby-friendly detergent (something mild) will do the trick. Most seats should be air-dried, and never placed in the dryer. If they can go in the dryer, it will typically say so in the care instructions.

For safety reasons, wheel care is important. Make sure that the wheel bearing case and other areas of the wheel are kept moist with a silicone-based lubricant to prevent rust. Additionally, ensure that your tire pressure (for inflatable wheels) is kept to its proper capacity at all times. The tire wall will have the number on it for appropriate pressure. Finally, make sure that the wheels stay aligned for proper steering by taking baby joggers into a bike shop for an annual check-up.

With proper care and safety measures, your baby joggers can last for years (just in case you decide to keep adding to your family!). :)

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