Safety tips for jumpers

Are you concerned with your baby’s motor-skills development, and are thinking about using baby jumpers as a way to build your child’s strength? When used in proper moderation, baby jumpers are a great way to develop strength in your baby’s legs and lower body.

But as with any childhood development product (or any baby product, for that matter), there are safety and usage guidelines that should be followed — not only to protect your child, but to ensure their proper growth and development as they reach their toddler stages. They do that very quickly, too, so make sure that you are doing the best activities available with your little one (or little ones).

Limit Time in Baby Jumpers

While it’s true that baby jumpers are useful for developing muscles in the legs, you will also want to make sure that your baby’s upper body is being developed at a matching rate. Since jumpers concentrate on the lower body, make sure they only have a limited time in the jumper, and that they get plenty of “floor time” as well. This can be accomplished through crawling, “push ups,” and other floor exercises involving his or her arms and hands.

Baby jumpers will help burn off excess energy in your baby, and are good to use a few minutes each day for total body development.

Choose the Right Type

There are two types of baby jumpers — stand-alone, which can be placed anywhere in the house or yard, and ones that hang on the door through placing clamps on a doorway.

The preferred models of baby jumpers are the stand-alone models, because they have fewer chances of incident with your baby. However, the problems that come with door jumpers is that the incorrect size has been chosen for a baby. When it comes to the door models, choose according to your baby’s height, weight, and age — as their strength can cause the clamps to weaken and collapse if chosen incorrectly. I personally have the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. It is a stand alone model and is one of the top rated jumpers on Amazon. Click on Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for my full in depth review.

Warning! Never buy used baby jumpers, as it is likely that not only the clamps, but the harnesses have seen excessive wear and tear over their lifetime, and it is much safer to buy brand new.

Follow the Directions

No matter what types of baby jumpers are involved, it’s important to follow the safety instructions and set-up instructions to the letter. Never hang a door jumper on doorways that are not indicated in the manual. If you’re using a stand-alone jumper, make sure that it is set up piece-by-piece, and that it is sturdy enough to hold your child’s weight (you can test it out first with a sack of potatoes or two, to mimic your child’s weight).

Baby Jumpers are NOT Baby Sitters

Finally, make sure that when your baby is using his or her jumper, you are in attendance at all times. Because they really only should be used for a few minutes each day, make it a special fun time for the both of you to play and bond.

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