How to choose the right baby swing

Are you looking for the ideal model in baby swings, but you don’t know where to begin? That’s okay — there are many different models to choose from, so it can get quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding on one particular model. You want your baby to be happy with his or her swing — because a baby at ease is a nurturer at ease. So where do you start?

Here are a few tips on choosing the one among many baby swings for both you and your baby.

Safety Features

You want your baby to be safe, so choose baby swings that have a low center of gravity. The baby swings you consider should also have a wide base. This will keep the swing centered, so if your baby should enjoy leaning, the swing will not tip, causing fall, collapse, and potential injuries.

Next, make sure the swing has a good harness, particularly a five-point harness. Even babies who don’t wiggle and slide are very good at falling out of things. Ensure that there are hip straps that are adequate for your baby’s size, so that they cannot curl up and roll out of the baby swings.

Multiple Swinging Speeds

Baby swings sometimes have variable swinging settings. You may find that if your baby has colic or has trouble falling asleep, a faster or more forceful swing speed is necessary. Depending on your baby’s preferences, choose among baby swings that rock side-to-side or back-and-forth (some have a switch to choose among these options). You may also want to look at baby swings with adjustable speeds, just in case your baby likes gentle rocking on some nights, and forceful rocking on others.

Various Music Options

Another option for baby swings are those that play music to soothe your baby to sleep. If your baby enjoys drifting off to music, choose one that has variable songs and volumes. Alternatively, some babies just want silence — the rocking is enough. In that case, you can choose a non-musical swing, or one that has an “off” button for the music.

Baby Swings and Recliner Options

Newborns, often enough, don’t have the proper neck strength to hold their heads up, so choosing baby swings that have reclining options are best. It’s even better if you can find one that is adjustable from reclining to upright, and that will grow with you as your baby’s muscles develop.

Extra Considerations

There are some extras that you may want to consider when choosing baby swings. Make sure that the swing you choose makes it easy for you to remove your baby, without hitting his or her head. Open-top swings with flip-out trays make baby extraction easy and will not bang his or her legs and head upon removal.

By choosing safety first, and getting a good idea of what your baby enjoys while he or she drifts off to sleep, you will be able to choose baby swings that make your baby feel at peace.

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