How to install nursery wall decals

I remember when I was planning out the design for my daughter’s nursery. I picked out the crib and all the accessories, but I needed something else to help fill in the walls. I saw these wall decals Online, and they looked really good in the pictures. After doing a little research, I decided to order the RoomMates Scroll Tree Peel & Stick Wall Decal. This was the most popular decal on Amazon, and it matched everything else in the nursery. It took about two days and the wall decals arrived. I was so excited to finally have it, but I came to a harsh realization. I had no idea how to install them, and it didn’t look easy!

After realizing I didn’t actually know how to install these decals, I took to the internet to find some answers. During my quest, I found several websites with useful tips, as well as some good how to videos on YouTube. This must have prepared me fairly well for my installation, because It only took my about an hour to fully install everything. If you have decals, and need to install them, just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way.

Cut out your designs

To get started you will need a pair of scissors, and you will need to start cutting out the different shapes, so that they are all individual pieces. If you have a tree design, you will want to install that piece first on the wall, and then you will install the smaller pieces afterwards. You will want to use painters tape, to hold the decals in the position you want it to be on the wall. This way if you want to make a change, you still have the opportunity.

Pull apart the decals

The next part is the tricky part. You will need to separate the two pieces of paper surrounding the decal, so that it can properly stick to the wall. There are two different types of paper surrounding the decal. One is wax paper, and the other is the wax paper backing. You will need the decal to stay on the waxed paper with the sticky side out. This way you will have the sticky surface ready to apply to the wall.

Apply the decals

To apply the wall decal, you will want to press it on to the wall in the desired location, and rub on the back side of the wax paper. Make sure and rub the wax paper well, so the decal sticks firmly on the wall. Now you can pull the wax paper off the wall, and the decal will stick. Make sure and pull slowly, if you pull it too fast, sometimes the decal won’t stick to the wall, and it can get ruined. Remember, if you are doing a decal with two parts. Install the bigger piece first, and then follow up with the little pieces afterwards.

I have found that the key to installing a wall decal is patience. You have to take your time, and make sure not to rush too fast. Whenever I found myself making mistakes, it was because I was trying to rush through the job. Decals can be expensive, and if you mess up on the wrong part, it can ruin the entire design. Take your time, you will end up saving yourself more time in the end. If you haven’t purchased your wall decal yet, click here and check out some of the top rated decals available on

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