How to stop a baby from crying while teething.

A babies first tooth popping out can be a very emotional sight for a parent. It usually occurs at around 5 months old, and is one of the cutest things ever. Unfortunately, it is also a very painful experience for your baby to endure. This pain can cause the baby to cry for hours on end. Luckily, there are some products out there to help calm your baby during these painful times. The following is  a list of the products that I used and would recommend to any parent with a baby who is teething.

Munchkin Fun Ice Soothing Ring Teether

This is a great teether for your little one. It has multiple teething surfaces, and is textured to massage your babies gums. It has a gel inside, so you can put the teether in the refrigerator, and then you can use it to numb your babies sore gums. It has very good reviews, and is one of the most popular teethers on It is very affordable at just over three dollars, and you can get free shipping by clicking here.



Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether

This teether is just like the ring teether above. It has a built in gel, to allow you to put it in the refrigerator to get it nice and cool for your babies gums. Babies are always trying to stick their hands in their mouth. This teether is shaped just like a hand, and it is very easy to grasp. At just over three dollars, it is a great baby bargain. Click here to get free shipping.




Philips AVENT BPA-Free Animal Front Teeth Teether

This is another excellent teether that has a multiple of different textures for your baby to chew on. My baby likes this one in particular because, it seems to be the easiest one for her to hold. It is also BPA-Free, which is very reassuring to know. BPA was declared a toxic substance by Canada in 2010. This is a great purchase, and your baby will love it. Click here to order it today, and get free shipping.

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