Is my baby colic?

This is a question I asked myself many times over, and I found myself researching online. My baby would cry for hours on end, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This was frustrating to say the least, and I wasn’t sure how long I could take it. So I decided to go on the internet to do some research, and get a firm understanding of what colic means. This is what I discovered.

Colic is defined as a condition of a healthy baby in which they show periods of intense, crying and fussiness that lasts more than 3 hours a day, and for longer than 3 weeks. It typically will go away after three or four months, but it has been known to last up to twelve months, in some instances. Now that I had a firm grasp on what being colic meant, I had to compare it to my babies behaviors, and see if she fit the description.

My Daughter definitely would cry for an extended period of time, but after going back and timing her, it was closer to an hour. I guess the crying was so intense, minutes seemed like hours! When I was researching the subject of colic, I found there were several different reasons for its cause. The most common cause was because of an upset stomach or trapped gas. I had also heard of these gas drops you can use, and they will help calm the babies stomach. At this point I was will to try anything.

Colic Calm All Natural Gripe Water Colic Gas Relief

I read all the baby gas drop reviews, and decided to go with Colic Calm All Natural Gripe Water Colic Gas Relief. This was the most popular gas drops for babies on It was 100% natural, and completely safe for my baby. There were also no known side effects, and this was very important for me. I decided to order it, and it arrived in a couple of days. When it was delivered, my baby was having one of her classic hissy fits, and I immediately ripped open the box. I gave her a couple drops, and within a few minutes I could see her mood change. She suddenly stopped crying, and she didn’t cry again for the rest of the night. I tried the gas drops out the next few days when she was getting fussy, and it worked again, and again. If your baby is crying a lot and your are not sure, if it is colic or night. I would highly recommend trying out Gripe Water gas drops. It is well worth the cost, and can save yourself hours of needless crying. Click here to get it from Amazon, and take advantage of free shipping.

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