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Babies can really be a handful sometimes. They like to have all your attention, and are always looking to be entertained. After working all day, there will come a time where you will want to set your baby down for a little bit, just to get yourself a little rest and relaxation. It can be really difficult to do sometimes. Many newborns become very attached to their parents, and need a very big distraction to peak their interest enough to give them a break for a minute. Lucky for us, there are some products designed to do just this.

The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition.

Reading is very important to the development of newborns. It has been proven to be extremely helpful if the parents read to their baby at night. When I was a kid I remember reading Curious George every time I went to the dentist office. I figured if I needed to be reading to my daughter each night I might as well get something I would want to read. I decided to order The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition. It was a great purchase at under $20. It was pretty nostalgic to read all the same stories I used to read when I was a kid. The book comes with the 7 original stories of Curious George. It also includes 2 audio CDs that read out aloud the 7 stories to you. This is perfect for car rides, or if you want to just sit back and let the CDs do all the work. Click here to get it from Amazon.

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is a great baby bargain

The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present for my daughter. It is great to put her in when she is hyper and jumpy. Whenever she gets in and I turn on the music, she starts jumping like crazy. This does me a huge favor early in the morning when all I want to do is drink my coffee, and check the internet. Not only does it keep her entertained, and active, but is also developing her leg muscles at a very crucial age. Talk about a win, win! I have checked the reviews, and it has gotten very good marks. I have done a full in depth review on this product. Click here to check it out.


Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Another great way to let your little one play is by using a play mat. I like the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym. It has music that can be set for up to 20 minutes, and has lots of lights, and toys for the baby to play with. It is very interactive, and gives the baby a lot of different options to play with. It is also very padded on the bottom which is important, in case your little one tips over, and there head hits the ground they will be well protected. I usually set out a blanket mine, and surround everything with pillows as a barricade. This will allow a little more surface area to roll around on, and ensure they can’t crawl anywhere they shouldn’t. Click here to check out some other reviews, and see what others have said.


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