Checklist of items to pack for your due date at the hospital.

Delivering a baby is one of the hardest things a mother will go through in her lifetime. The last thing you will want to worry about, is whether you packed something or not. Take the time and read this list, and make sure you have these items packed a couple weeks before your expected delivery date. The thing with pregnancies is you never know when it will actually happen, so you have to be prepared and ready for the worst case scenario. I had my bag packed and ready to grab at any second just in case my water broke, and we had to make a mad dash to the hospital. Use this list as a guide, and tweak it to your needs and wants.

Don’t forget the car seat!

The hospital won’t let you leave with the baby unless you have a car seat! This is the reason it is number one on my list. Imagine being ready to walk out of the hospital after being cramped up for days, and realizing you will have to wait over an hour for your husband to go the store before you will be able to go home. If I had to recommend a car seat, I would recommend the britax series of car seats for its durability and ease of use. It has a car seat base that you can just drop the seat into, and it clicks into place without having to weave the seatbelt through the car seat. I have been using it for six months, and it is one of the best purchases I have made so far. Click here to check out a review! If you don’t go with this car seat, make sure you at least have one.

Pack all you electronics you will need, a roll of quarters, and cash.

Two or three days in a hospital room can be totally unbearable. Thank god for technology to help kill the time, and keep you busy. Make sure you pack all the electronics you may need. This includes laptops, cell phones, cameras, or anything else you may want to use. Also don’t forget to pack your wall chargers. A laptop isn’t very useful without any power! You probably will want to bring a roll of quarters for two different reasons. First of all, you will need it for the parking lot at night to get out. And secondly you will want the change for the vending machine in the hallway when you get those midnight cravings. ATM machines can be difficult to find as well, so I suggest bring a couple twenties for the cafeteria and gift shop.

Clothing, shoes, and toiletries for mom, dad, and baby.

You will want to make sure this stuff is laid out ahead of time just like everything else. It is important to not only have clothes packed for mommy and daddy, but also for your little one as well. Start to think about what outfit you want her first pictures to be taken in and pack accordingly. You may also want to bring several different shoes. I brought sandals, slippers, and tennis shoes so I would have plenty of different options. Toiletries will need to be brought also. You can purchase these in the gift shop, but it can get expensive quickly. Don’t forget the deodorant, make up, toothbrush, shampoo, etc…. Once you have packed everything, go back and double check. You will most likely of left something off, and it will give you the chance to pack it. Now that you have done the hard work. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful day you have been waiting for!

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