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A crying baby can be a hand full, and it can really start to press on parents after a while. It is important to be able to quickly assess the situation, and know what to do to cure the problem. Babies get fussy for many different reasons, but if you pay close attention you will slowly learn what they are wanting. If they could tell you what was wrong they would, they just haven’t ¬†developed that ability yet. I have found with most babies, if you check these 3 things you can help keep your baby from crying.

Check their diaper often.

Nothing can make a baby more fussy than a dirty diaper. With my baby, if you are not careful and check her often enough, you could potentially have a serious problem on your hands! When we first started out we had a bunch of regular diapers from the baby showers that we received as gifts. They were garbage and leaked everywhere! They would hardly hold up, and would have leaks and get all over the place. Then a friend of mine recommended ¬†Pampers extra protection. We tried it out and it was fantastic! It lasts the tests of time, and will allow the parents to sleep in through the mornings, without having to worry about changing a diaper at seven AM. It can hold up to 12 hours of protection, and does a great job of absorbing anything. This diaper is a must to have in the arsenal to use on weekends when you know you want to sleep in the next day. Click here to check out Amazon’s price on this great baby deal.

Feed the baby Gerber Rice Cereal

At about four or five months old you may want to start introducing solid foods slowly to your baby. This is when we started with ours, and we used Gerber rice cereal. It is good idea to mix it in with the formula or breast milk, and feed the infant with a spoon. We usually put a bib on her, and put her in a seat and feed her. The rice cereal keeps the babies stomach fuller than normal, and is good to give them before longs naps. Because their stomach is fuller longer, they can sleep longer without having to wake up for midnight snacks. This ideal if the parent has had a long week and really needs a good night’s sleep. Whenever you do start to introduce solid foods, I recommend Gerber rice cereal.

Get a sound machine like the DEX Products Sound Sleeper SS-01

Babies can wake up for tons of different reasons throughout the night. It could be anything from going to the bathroom, to rolling over on your other side. One thing is for sure, I highly suggest getting a noise maker to sleep with at night. The sound machines makes various sounds that help relax and soothe the baby while they are sleeping. They really help to drown out the background noise and allow for a full night’s rest. I use the DEX Products Sound Sleeper SS-01 every night, and I like to alternate between the sounds of the jungle rain, or the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach. One of the best features is the timer you can set. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the sound machine overpowering your alarm clock in the morning. You can have it set to turn off after a set amount of time so you wake up at the right time. Click here to read a few more reviews!

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