Can listening to music help my baby develop?

This has been a highly debated subject, but in my opinion the answer is simple. Absolutely! Many people agree that music is the number one motivator for adults. Think about it, if you are working out, you want to listen to upbeat music to get your heart pumping and ready to go. Conversely when you are trying to relax you will want to listen to soft relaxing music to wind down. Your baby is no different, and is effected in the same ways that us adults are. If you look at most babies toys, they have incorporated music is some sort of way to help calm and soothe the baby.


What type of music should my baby be listening to?

Classical music has been proven to help calm the baby. With my baby, I listened to classical music all through my pregnancy, and now at six months old, when my infant starts to get a little fussy I will hum some of the classical songs, and it instantly soothes her from her little hissy fit. Not to say classical music is the only type of music your baby should listen to. I listen to all types of music with her. But, classical music is my favorite, because of all the different instruments they use. With R&B you won’t get the wide variety of sounds, and the beats tend to over power the instrumental sounds.

When should I start introducing them to music?

This is a great question, unfortunately it is not easy to answer as everyone’s tastes are a little different. Most people agree that the baby starts listening to music while in the womb. Some people have even been known to put headphones around their pregnant belly to help stimulate the baby. I don’t go this far, but I definitely “Jam out” from time to time with my little one in the car. I started exposing her to music every since I found out I was pregnant, and I continue it to this day with my little one at six months old. We have listened to a lot of classical music during my pregnancy, but I have to admit my favorite is pop music. Regardless, of what type you do decide to have them listen to, it is important to find something that the little one thoroughly enjoys.

Are there any good baby deals on musical toys that you recommend?

Almost all baby toys have some type of music built in. Our website reviews a bunch of them. If I had to pick one that was a great baby deal I would have to pick the Take Along Tunes by Baby Einstein. It has seven different classical melodies: The William Tell Overture, Spring, and The Turkish March to name just a few. It is very affordable at under ten dollars at, and gets very high customer ratings. My daughter loves hers, and it has to be her favorite musical toy. It is very easy to use with two different volume settings, and only one button they have to click that shuffles from song to song. Click on this link to read some other reviews!

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