Mother Tucker Compression Tank Review

The Mother Tucker Compression Tank is a must have item!  My post pregnancy body was not what I had expected, and I needed to do something quickly!  I didn’t think I was going to walk out of the hospital with six pack abs, but I also didn’t think that I was going to look like I was still pregnant.  I ordered the Mother Tucker Compression Tank because of the advice one of my coworkers gave me. They had just had a baby 6 months before me and had been through everything. They swore by it and said I needed it. Talk about a strong endorsement.  I also read reviews online, and the overall consensus  said that it made you appear slimmer and smoothed out  your figure  creating a leaner look. They called there state of the art technology “muffinology”, because it gets rid of those muffin tops! I ordered one compression tank in black and it arrived in two days with free shipping.

When it arrived I, I held it up and it looked tiny! I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to fit into it, but the material was very stretchy and it fit great!  One of the features I liked  is the smooth anti-roll bottom.  This is amazing because whenever you bend over, your shirt doesn’t ride up!  The tank did what it promised!  I felt more confident because my stomach was being held in and I didn’t have a roll or pooch.  My shirts looked more flattering and I had a slimmer silhouette. I would highly recommend this to anyone and would suggest going through Amazon to get yours. It is about $15 cheaper than retail and you can get free shipping. Click here to check out some other reviews.

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