Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Christmas was a great time this year for our daughter. She just turned 5 months old, and we were visiting our parents house for Christmas Eve. We had wanted to get the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for our little one, because of all the great reviews we had read. We had not been able to purchase it yet, and were hoping Santa might bring us one. The presents were handed out fairly quickly as everyone ripped open their gifts. We had unwrapped all the presents under the tree except for one. It was a particularly big present with snowman wrapping paper on it and a red bow. I had a good feeling what it was, but I did not know for sure and had my fingers crossed.

When they finally got to it and tore it open, it was the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo from Fisher Price! We were ecstatic! I had read on several online sites that jumpers were very important in developing motor skills, and helping with coordination. Not to mention it is the best jumper out on the market! We opened the box, but I soon realized it had to be assembled! To top it all off the whole family was there to witness my feeble attempt at assembling the jumper. False alarm! Turns out it only took me about 15 minutes to assemble it. The instructions were easy to read, and it went step by step through each phase of assembly. I did get confused on one part and that took about 5 minutes. The seat lining that connects to the seat has to be in a specific position in order to fit right. I would advise looking at the box and align the pictures just like it is on the logo of the box. After getting it all set up, we finally put our daughter in the jumper and turned on the music. She put her little feet on the ground, and with our help she was bouncing up and down! When she got tired of bouncing, she was easily entertained with all the toys that surrounded her on the jumper.

We have had this jumper for about a month now and use at least two or three times every day. I compared this jumper with some of the other guys, and it easily beats out the competition. (All the reviews online back up this claim as well) The jumper has a great design with a free standing steel frame for extra durability and safety. The great thing about this jumper is it has 3 different height levels you can adjust as your little one gets bigger and can hold up to 25 pounds! The jumper has some decent music and has a low and high volume setting that plays the music at a tolerable level for the adults. It also makes noises and encourages your baby every time they jump up and down. It is great to put your infant in and keep them entertained while you get some much needed chores does around the house. I would highly suggest this product to anyone who has a little one. Don’t bother going to a big box retailer to purchase it, they are overpriced and are usually $15 to $20 higher than Amazon. Click here to read some more reviews!

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