What To Look For In Jogging Strollers?

One of the most noticeable changes to strollers has been the creation of jogging strollers.  These strollers began to start showing up in the 80s and have been increasingly tweaked and adjusted to accommodate the more active lives of women.  The newest versions offer smaller wheels and more flexibility than early options.  However, that is merely the tip of the iceberg with what is available and more importantly, it does not ask the question of what to look for in jogging strollers?  Here, we try to answer this question by providing you with some tips on what you should be looking for.

Handle Height

Handle height can become a very important issue for people.  It is important that the handle is easy to hold and also at a good height for you.  This is a bigger issue than for women so it is important that any jogging stroller you choose that it has good reviews in this area.  It is also important to have a proper handle height because if it is not the right height, it can negatively impact your jogging form.

Wheel Width

This is an area where you will have to make a decision.  The reason is that the wider the wheel width is the greater storage space you will have.  However, the wider the wheel width, the more difficult it will be to fit the jogging stroller through doorways, crowded aisles, etc.  You will have to make a decision on how versatile you need your jogging stroller to be.  We recommend you opt for more versatility and a smaller wheel width.  Most jogging strollers still give a good amount of storage space.

Front Wheel Lock/Unlock Feature

The original jogging strollers only offered a locked front wheel.  This was great for running and jogging but limited the overall versatility of the stroller.  By unlocking the front wheel, you are giving the ability to make much sharper turns and more maneuverability.  Basically, exactly the type of things you would need when using the stroller in the supermarket, parking lot, etc.  Fortunately, most of the new jogging strollers offer you the ability to lock and unlock this front wheel as needed.  You just want to make sure whichever option you select provides this feature.


The elements can ruin a good jog or walk.  Babies are particularly susceptible to the sun as it can get into their eyes or give them a sun burn if exposed for too long.  This is why it is important that you find a jogging stroller that offers a quality sun canopy.  However, it is not enough to stop there as not all canopies are created equal.  Many companies have the canopy attached to the back of stroller which is not enough protection.  What you want instead is a canopy that is not attached to the back so you can adjust it to match the path of the sun over the course of your jog or walk.  This will help provide the best protection for your baby.


It is no secret that the top jogging strollers can be expensive.  They can easily reach over $400 which can be a great cost when combined with all the other child raising costs.  However, there are some value options out there that combine all the features above with a more bargain price.  We feel that they offer a similar level in performance too.  The result is a better value to customers.

Our Recommendation

There are a number of great jogging strollers out there; however, not all of them can meet the criteria we have mentioned above.  In our estimation, one product does a far better job at that than the others for a jogging stroller.  If you would like to read a full review of this product, you can by clicking on the following link: Baby Trend Stroller.

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