Why Get A Convertible Car Seat? What Factors To Consider?

A convertible car seat can be a great asset to your baby.  They are designed so that they can be used for a number of years of use.  They first are made to handle the early ages of babies as they offer a rear facing position.  This helps provide the necessary extra protection for young ones in the event of the crash.  Then, as the child ages, you can adjust the car seat into a forward facing position.   This is why it is known as a “convertible” car seat.  This forward facing position can be used for up to a certain weight.  Many convertible car seats have a maximum weight occupancy of 50 pounds but some of the better options can go on up to 70 pounds.  The versatility of the convertible car seat is its biggest asset as customers are able to avoid having to buy a number of new car seats as their child grows.

What Factors Should You Look For?

One of the biggest factors you should be considering is the safety of the convertible car seats.  This is very important because the main purpose of these seats is to protect your child in the event of crash.  This is why it is valuable to have a good idea which brands and models are performing best in crash test studies.  At the moment, the Britax Marathon convertible car seats are the best in the industry.   One reason for this is that they are European company that must pass stricter standards than its American counterparts.  The good news for customers here in the US is that you reap the benefits of these stricter safety standards.

Crash Test Studies

The specific features that can help aid the increased safety of convertible car seats can vary from company to company.   The focus should not be on which specific feature a company’s product has but on whether it actually helps increase safety in the crash test studies.  This is why the studies done by the companies and done by companies like ConsumerReports are most important.  It doesn’t make much sense to pay for products that have features that only appear to add safety.  We suggest to follow the results of these crash test studies to create your short list.

Ease Of Installation and Use

From here, you will want to consider how easy it is to put in the convertible car seat and to get your child secured in it.  These are also important factors because you may need to be shuttling the car seat between a couple of cars and want to make sure this is not an overly labor intensive activity.  What customers should be paying attention to are customer reviews over how easy it is install the convertible car seat.  If it is not a simply process, those car seats should be discarded from your list as there are better options available even if they cost a little more in the beginning as you will save your money in time and energy over the course of using a quality convertible car seat.

Another thing that customers should be looking at is how easy is it to secure their baby in the car seat.  Obviously, it is important that your child has a snug fit with the seat belt harness to reduce the negative impact during a crash.  However, it is also important that you can make changes or clean the car seat easily without having to rethread the harness or take additional measures.  Basically, customers should be looking for options that make their work easier for them as you will have to periodically adjust the harness as your child grows.  Therefore, you should look for options that make these processes as easily as possible.

Other Factors

From here, other factors tend to be more subjective on what the individual person values in a convertible car seat.  Factors such as color options and additional features like pillows and extra padding can be very important to some customers and less important to others.  We leave these factors up to the customer to decide their value to them.  If you focus on the other factors as your primary ones, we know you will be left with some high quality options regardless of what you decide for other factors so we are satisfied with that.

Our Recommendation

We have done a lot of research on the different convertible car seats available.  We obviously put an emphasis on safety and ease of use but also consider the benefits of other factors.  Through our research, we found the best option available to be the Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat.  If you would like to read our full review on why we are so impressed with this product, click on the following link: Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat Review.

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