Should I Get An Expensive Convertible Crib Or A Value Option?

So you are wondering whether you should spend the extra money to get a top end convertible crib or whether you would be better off buying a value option and spending the savings somewhere else.  This is a particularly good question now with the tough economy that is forcing everyone to take a closer look at their budget.  Here, we take a closer look at this issue so you can better decide which option is best for you and your baby.

What Is The Cost Difference?

High end convertible cribs can cost customers anywhere from $900 to $4,500 depending on the model.  This is an enormous amount of money when you factor in the other costs of raising a child and contrast it with the cost range of value convertible cribs $150 to $400.  The vast difference in price is one reason why many people opt for the value options.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

A second reason that value options have become popular has been because of an improvement to the treatment of soft woods.  You see, convertible cribs can be made out of a number of different materials but most are made out of wood.  The more expensive models will be made out of hardwoods like oak.  These woods are popular because they are very durable and can stand up well to scratches, scuff marks, and indentions.  However, they are also heavier which can be an issue if needing to move the crib for cleaning or moving to a new home.

In contrast, the more bargain convertible cribs are made out of soft wood like pine.  These woods tend to be more lightweight.  Historically, they tended to be not as durable or sturdy and also tended to not last as long as oak woods on average.  However, with the recent improvement of treatment processes in soft woods, the result has been a much stronger wood that is more durable and longer lasting than in the past.  This translates into a much sturdier and durable crib.  So much so that the major advantage of choosing hardwoods over softwoods for baby cribs for sturdiness or durability has declined significantly.

100% Wood?

However, customers should recognize that not all value options are created equal.  Some value convertible cribs will use particle board, MDF, or engineered wood products.  These materials are problematic because they are not durable in nature and can often include the use of chemicals that could create a problem for your child.  This is why it is important to find bargain options that are not made from these materials but are instead made mainly by regular soft woods.  This should help increase the long term durability of the crib.

Dealing With Scratching

There is no question that scratches can occur more with bargain convertible cribs than the more expensive options.  The reason is that the soft woods tend to show marks much more easily and so if scratches are a big concern for you, the higher end models will be the better choice.  However, many customers have found that they can largely mitigate the scratches by doing two different things.

  1. Take their time in putting together the crib.  By simply taking a little more time when putting all the pieces together, can go a long way towards reducing the risk of scratching the wood against the floor or wall.  In addition, some have found that it works better to loosely attach the pieces together and then tighten everything up at the end rather than jamming pieces together.  This reduces the risk of scratching.
  2. Prepare for baby teething.  Babies can start teething as early as 2 months and the result can be them biting on the crib’s guard rail and leaving bite marks.  To help combat this issue, many parents have been able to get a cheap teething rail cover that helps protect the rail from these bite marks without hurting the baby.

Our Recommendation

Every family will have to decide for themselves whether they want to get an expensive convertible crib or opt for a more value oriented convertible crib.  In our opinion, the bargain cribs give more bang for your buck and allow the savings to be better spent elsewhere.  We have taken a look at several different bargain cribs and found the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib to be the best option.  If you would like to read our review on this particular crib, click on the following link: Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib.

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